Albertian Star Award 2019

St. Albert’s College, Ernakulam, established in 1946 was conferred Autonomous Status by the University Grants Commission in 2016. One of the prominent initiatives after Autonomy was the introduction of the Albertian International Educational Expo(AIEE) in January 2017. The second edition of the AIEE will be in January 2020. An uncompromising stand to provide quality education and opportunities towards holistic development of the students is the core mission of the institution. Towards attaining this objective, this academic year (2018-2019), St. Albert’s College (Autonomous) is introducing Albertian Student Award 2019 aimed at recognizing the curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular talents of the students. Albertian Star Award 2019 is instituted for 2 students from each of the 17 Under Graduate and 12 Post Graduate programs in the institution. In addition to the above 58 Awards, a “Albertian Star Award 2019" will be given to the Best Student of the College for the Academic Year 2018-2019.

A committee was constituted to streamline the entire procedure and after several rounds of discussion in the Executive and Extended Executive Committees of the Autonomous Institution, the criteria for qualification and the guidelines for participation have been set. Eligible students can apply online on the Institutional Website. After the applications are verified and validated, the students who qualify will pass on to the next round. 58 of the highest scoring Best Student Nominees will be selected as the GEMS from each department and they will pass on to the next round of the “Albertian Star Award 2019”. There they will undergo two rounds of evaluation, the first being the Powerpoint Presentation and Interaction and the second being the Personal Interview. These are aimed at identifying the “Best Albertian Student” for the academic year 2018-2019. Maximum transparency in the award process is ensured through documentary submission of the claims of all the nominees.

Rev. Fr. Antony Arackal Chairman
Rev. Fr. Joseph Sherin Chemmayath Vice- Chairman
Dr M.L Joseph Convener
Rev. Fr. John Christopher Vadassery Joint Convener
Dr. V.S Sadanandan Joint Convener
Dr. Nisha Thomji Varghese Coordinator
Dr. Louie Frobel Joint Coordinator
Dr. Vijay John Gerson Dean, Student Affairs
Dr. Vincent Terrence Rebello Dean, Academics
Dr. Geo Jos Fernandez Dean, Management Studies
Dr. Krishnakumar K.S Dean, Research
Mr. Shine Antony Secretary
Dr. Appu Jacob John Assistant Professor and Head, Department of English
Dr. Anisha S Assistant Professor, Department of Botany
Ms. Mary Joseph Assistant Professor, Department of Botany
Ms. Rosalind Gonzaga Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce
Mr. Jose Babu Assistant Professor(On Contract), Department of English
Mr. Amal M R Assistant Professor(On Contract), Department of Computer Science

St.Albert's College (Autonomous).

St. Albert’s College (Autonomous),
Banerji Road, Kochi – 682 018
Kerala, India.
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“To be a centre of excellence through the process of self-evaluation and continual renewal in all our endeavours, namely learning, teaching, research, consultancy and other related services”

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Taking inspiration from the Eternal Teacher, Jesus Christ, we strive towards equipping young people to meet the challenges of these modern times by providing an all round formation. We are well aware that we exist for our students and do our very best to provide a most friendly and growth oriented ambiance for them. We do everything in our capacity to ensure excellent standards that would secure them leadership in tomorrow’s challenging world.

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