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Evaluation Criteria and Guidelines

This is a competition aimed at selecting a final year student as the best outgoing student/Albertian Star. There will be five levels to this competition and the focus will be on selecting a student who excels not only in academics but holistically, someone who possesses those life skills that would help him/her handle challenges in life.

Who can apply?

Any final year (UG & PG) Albertian who

• Has no back papers/Should have cleared all papers in the first attempt itself

• Has above 90% of attendance (in case of no eligible candidates from a course, two students with the highest attendance and no back papers can apply)

• Is an active participant of the curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities in and outside the college

• Has had no disciplinary action initiated against him/her

Level I


i. Eligible candidates should apply online by filling in the relevant details given. The hard copy of the application form has to be downloaded 
and attested by the Head of the Department. Attested photocopies of the mark lists as well as details of attendance and extra-curricular activities
should be attached with the application form. This should be submitted to the IQAC office. ii. After the applications are verified and validated, a list of all possible candidates for the contest would be published on the notice board.

iii.These students would be called STAR COMPETITION NOMINEES.

Level II

GEMS of the Department (Outstanding Students of the Dept.)

A 30 question long MCQ (Current Affairs, Basic Science & Math, History, English, Logical Reasoning) would be administered to the candidates.
i. 30% weightage would be given to MCQ.
ii. 40% weightage would be given to academic score.
iii. 20% weightage would be given to extra-curricular score.
iv. 10% weightage would be given to attendance.
v. At the end of level II, four students from each course (2 in PG and 2 in UG) would be selected to the next level. In case of a tie, the candidate who
has the higher score in extra-curricular activities would be selected. vi. These students would be called the GEMS of the Course.

Level III

LUMINARY of the Department (Best student of the Dept.)

A power point presentation (PPT) round before an expert panel on any one aspect of the students’ choice but related to the broader topic 
My Vision of the Future India. (Aspects can include technology/environment/ education/economy/democracy/sustainable development etc.
The candidate has the freedom to choose any one aspect) i) The candidate would be given only 10 minutes time (7 min presentation and 3 min discussion). Exceeding the time limit would fetch negative marks
ii) The presentation should not focus on vested interests
iii) The students would be assessed on the following criteria a) originality and creativity b) organization of content c) delivery of content d) knowledge of topic e) clarity of artwork (charts, graphs, slides) f) overall presentation iv. At the end of Level III, 2 students from each course (1 UG and 1 PG) would be selected. v. They would be declared as the outstanding students of the Course and would be called the LUMINARY of the Course.

Level IV

STARLETS of St Albert’s College (Autonomous) (Albertian Best Student Nominees)

A group discussion round wherein students would be assessed on their 

     • Depth of subject knowledge
     • Group behavior
     • Leadership qualities
     • Communication skills
     • Use of appropriate verbal and non-verbal language
     • Effective listening
     • Level of confidence
     • Clarity of expression

The end result would be 10 students who move into the final round. These 10 Students would be called the STARLETS of St Albert’s College

Level V

ALBERTIAN STAR (The Best outgoing Student)

i. This would be an external presentation round before an audience comprising Management Representatives, Alumni Members, Teachers, PTA members and students.
This level would be an on stage programme where the dressing, manner, confidence and communication skills of the candidates would be judged by external
experts. ii. The students would have to make a 7 minute presentation about themselves and why they should be selected as the Albertian Star. iii. Three external judges would interact with the students asking them questions on general issues and also based on their presentation. iv. The winner would be declared as the ALBERTIAN STAR. The First and the Second Runners Up would also be selected.

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