Important Dates

We are very glad to introduce the Albertian Star Award 2019. We always value and appreciate your contribution towards the progress of our Institution and thereby society. Please note the important dates. The registration process has begun from 23/01/2019.

Sl no Date Process
1 4 February 2019 Level I (Publishing of Final Nominee List)
2 7 February 2019 Level II (MCQ) Multiple Choice Question Test
3 11 to 13 February 2019 Level III (PPT Presentation)
4 21 February 2019 Level IV (Group Discussion)
5 26 February 2019 Level V (Final Interface)

Note : Last date of application submission is on 29/01/2019 @ 5:00pm.

St.Albert's College (Autonomous).

St. Albert’s College (Autonomous),
Banerji Road, Kochi – 682 018
Kerala, India.
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“To be a centre of excellence through the process of self-evaluation and continual renewal in all our endeavours, namely learning, teaching, research, consultancy and other related services”

Our mision
Taking inspiration from the Eternal Teacher, Jesus Christ, we strive towards equipping young people to meet the challenges of these modern times by providing an all round formation. We are well aware that we exist for our students and do our very best to provide a most friendly and growth oriented ambiance for them. We do everything in our capacity to ensure excellent standards that would secure them leadership in tomorrow’s challenging world.

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