Nominees List : Albertian Star Award 2019

We are very glad to introduce the Albertian Star Award 2019. We always value your contribution towards the progress of our organisation there by society and appreciate it. Please note the Nominees List.

Star Competition Nominees (UG)

Sl no Name Department
1.       Prathibha S English
2.       Isabella Xavier English
3.       Diya M Prasad English
4.       Anjali Maria English
5.       Sandra Joy English
6.       Hafsa M Economics
7.       Afra Kalam K Economics
8.       Aleena Joseph Economics
9.       Anisha Jose Economics
10.   Stegy Alex Economics
11.   Mary Aneeta P A Economics
12.   Hanna Thankam Koshy B.Com Taxation
13.   Pavithra M B.Com Taxation
14.   Ann Martin B.Com Taxation
15.   Arul Joy Physics
16.   Edwin Josy Physics
17.   Mary Ansa Edwin Physics
18.   Vinny Maria Physics
19.   Sreeparvathy K Physics
20.   Athira S Physics
21.   Joseph K Sajan Physics
22.   Sameera Sankar Chemistry
23.   Treesa Ancy Chemistry
24.   Amritha Santhosh Chemistry
25.   Merin George P Chemistry
26.   Indulekha T S Chemistry
27.   Sumayya Jamaludeen A Chemistry
28.   Sruthymol S K Chemistry
29.   Lekha A F Chemistry
30.   Jaisha Juliet Jacob M Chemistry
31.   Anjali Babu Chemistry
32.   Steji Varghese Chemistry
33.   Anagha KP Chemistry
34.   Nesrin V A Chemistry
35.   Rekha Joseph Chemistry
36.   Allen Johnson Industrial Chemistry
37.   Silu Maria Thomas Industrial Chemistry
38.   Arun K G Industrial Chemistry
39.   Vani Rajeev Industrial Chemistry
40.   Reshma KS Industrial Chemistry
41.   Shreya Magdalin P M Industrial Chemistry
42.   Abhirami Shaji Industrial Chemistry
43.   Krishnapriya R Industrial Chemistry
44.   Riya Biju Maths
45.   Sneha Gopinath Botany
46.   Anjusha Vijayan Botany
47.   Krishnapriya S Kumar Botany
48.   Mariya Ashme C D Botany
49.   Anchal Seraphine Botany
50.   Nikhila Victoria Botany
51.   Jomol PG Botany
52.   Saniya Simon Botany
53.   Sethulakshmi Mv Botany
54.   Abhitha J Karun Aquaculture
55.   Steny Joseph Aquaculture
56.   Sreelakshmi CS Aquaculture
57.   Philomin Christeena CA Aquaculture
58.   Syami VS Aquaculture
59.   Jiya Jain Aquaculture
60.   Sreya S Pillai Aquaculture
61.   Lakshmi S Aquaculture
62.   Sneha R Pai Industrial Fisheries
63.   Betsy Thomas Industrial Fisheries
64.   Gokula Rajesh J Industrial Fisheries
65.   Athira K Industrial Fisheries
66.   Amanda Tom Industrial Fisheries
67.   Roselin Sandra Harshel Industrial Fisheries
68.   Evita Mary Fereiro Computer Science
69.   Rinu Benny Computer Science
70.   Nimmy Sajan Computer Science
71.   Bincy Mary Varghese Computer Science
72.   Unnimaya TP B.Com Taxation SF
73.   Reshma Raju B.Com Taxation SF
74.   Ajay Raj B.Com Taxation SF
75.   Benly Raphael D’Cruz B.Com Taxation SF
76.   Hima Mohan B.Com Computer Applications SF
77.   M S Ardra BBA
78.   Rinu P David BBA
79.   Amalendu S BBA
80.   Tony Xavier B.Voc RE
81.   Francisca Staniya Sementhy B.Voc Logistics
82.   Siby Joseph B.Voc Logistics
83.   Bilfa Reetha VP B.Voc Logistics
84.   Taniya Jose B.Voc Logistics
85.   Neha Andrews B.Voc Logistics

Star Competition Nominees (PG)

Sl no Name Department
86 Teena Mary Dhoro Economics
87 Aswathy M Economics
88 Priya Mary MJ Physics
89 Aathira S Physics
90 Dyuthi Mildred Physics
91 Celin Rooth Chemistry
92 Athira S Kumar Chemistry
93 Akshaya G Nair Chemistry
94 Navaneetha M R Maths
95 Vishnu Priya Botany
96 Anju Merlin Jude Botany
97 Aghila Samji Botany
98 Vimala Lucy Jayan Commerce
99 Krishnaveni Commerce
100 Siby Ann Maria Commerce
101 Miline Brigit Aa Commerce
102 Liya Xavier Commerce
103 Dhivya Murali Space Science
104 Arathy S Space Science
105 Maria Maneesha T S Space Science
106 Varsha James Space Science
107 Shilpa CR Space Science
108 K V Namitha MBA
109 Meenu A S MBA
110 Briyanda Evelin Pauva MBA
111 Ummukulzoom KK MBA
112 Antony Ambrose Fisheries and Aquaculture
113 Lakshmi MS Fisheries and Aquaculture
114 Sajishnu UL Fisheries and Aquaculture
115 Sarath Anil Fisheries and Aquaculture
116 Douglas Shandi Lamin Fisheries and Aquaculture

Note : Decisions of the verification committee is final..

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